James C. Justice National Scout CampSenior Scout Camp

Senior Scout Camp

The Senior Scout Camp is a week-long resident camp targeting Venturers and older Boy Scouts who are looking for more challenging advancement opportunities, activity exploration, and Scouting Traditions. This program is intended to build upon and supplement unit and local resident camp experiences and includes merit badge/ranger elective courses, open program, trainings, and camp-wide events within the Walter Scott Scouting Valley at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

This webpage is just a brief overview of information. For full details be sure to download read the Leaders’ Guide in its entirety.


  • Registered Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, and Sea Scouts.
  • Completed BSA Annual Health & Medical Record.
  • Summit Risk Acknowledgment

Advancement Opportunities

Here is a brief overview of the advancement opportunities available to Senior Scout Camp Participants. At the National Scout Camp, our focus is on quality, rather than quantity. Each course is taught by a qualified, adult instructor trained in merit badge instruction.

Some of these courses have prerequisites, additional fees, etc. For a more detailed description, please thoroughly read through the “Boy Scout and Venturing Advancement Courses” section of the Leaders’ Guide and share this information with participants.

Merit Badges:

Bird Study
Environmental Science
Fish & Wildlife Management
Fly Fishing
Mammal Study
Reptile & Amphibian Study
Rifle Shooting
Shotgun Shooting
Soil & Water Conservation
Wilderness Survival
*pre-registration and additional fee required

Venturing Ranger Requirements:
Wilderness Survival Core
Cycling/Mountain Biking Elective
Ecology Elective
Fishing Elective
Mountaineering Elective
Plants & Wildlife Elective
Project COPE Elective
Shooting Sports Elective: Archery
Shooting Sports Elective: Rifle/Shotgun
Watercraft Elective

Other Awards:
Project COPE
Stand Up Paddleboard Award
Kayaking Award
Mile Swim Award
Summit Survival Challenge
Summit Sustainability Award
Duty to God Award

Course offerings, times, and requirements covered may vary due to weather, participants ability, or other restrictions [Emphasis color/font or asterisks]

Available Dates 2017

  • June 25 – July 1

Available Dates 2018 (Registration not live yet.)

  • June 17 – 23
  • June 24 – 30
  • July 8 – 14
  • July 15 – 21

Youth Registration Fee: $399*

Fee is cost per person.

Adult Registration Fee: $299/$399**

Fee is cost per person.

2017 Senior Scout Camp Signup

*Some programs have added costs
**Discounted rate for first two leaders and for additional leaders based on 10:1 ratio