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3 Very Good Reasons Why We Need Patrol Z

What Is Patrol Z?It is clearly evident that Scouting needs an outlet by which Scouts and Venturers can tell their own stories from their own perspectives using their own voices.

Enter Patrol Z.

A promotional video was introduced to the Scouting world in March 2011 inviting media-savvy Scouts and Venturers to apply for a brand-new  initiative called Patrol Z, which would become the youth voice of Scouting. Youth from extraordinarily diverse walks of life started preparing their resumés and applying for this groundbreaking initiative.

During the selection process, the BSA gained greater insight on 3 key elements:[pullquote]“Adult leaders often underestimate the capacity of the youth of today, who deserve to be given audience to tell their own stories in their own voices.” — Parker Cross, Patrol Z counselor[/pullquote]

  1. Youth listen to other youth. Scouts and Venturers, like yourselves, want to listen to, that’s right, other Scouts and Venturers, and this unprecedented landscape, so rife with opportunities to communicate on both large and small scales, makes the story of Scouting more relevant and more accessible to your peers than ever before. This also makes Patrol Z uniquely positioned to help you, from all across the country, finally show the world how amazing your troops and crews really are.
  2. Scouting needs a louder voice. Obviously, Scouting is the catalyst behind many experiences that live with individuals for the rest of their lives — experiences that build character, are focused on adventure, and help develop a lifestyle that values the outdoors in a classic American way that can be gleaned only through interaction with the Scouting experience. We know this, and we’ve known it for a very long time. Just check out the Summit’s Facebook page, and on any given day you’ll see dozens if not hundreds of comments from ex-Scouts and Scouters who have been forever impacted by the creed successfully instilled in men and women for decades, but the voices sharing these convictions need further amplification so they can reach more people and help change more lives.
  3. The youth of America are incredible.  They do and say incredible, powerful things that can make a real impact, and this is precisely why Patrol Z was initiated — a group of media-savvy Scouts and Venturers from across the country, who blog, text, create compelling photos, and video, and tell the story of the Scouting movement as we prepare for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree at the Summit.

    Initiating Patrol Z
    Members of Patrol Z were selected from across the country.

Wonderful things are happening every day all around the nation in your local troops and councils, and now there’s another outlet for those stories to be told. Scouting has a voice that’s relevant and cool, and now it’s your chance to empower the next century of Scouting with the stories that will take the movement to new heights.

What amazing stories are happening right now in your area? This is your first chance to let Patrol Z reporters get in on the action. Leave a comment!

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