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Annual Health and Medical Record Deadline

The Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR) is mandatory to attend the 2017 National Jamboree. Submission of the AHMR is an electronic, multi-step process. The health information you submit will be saved on a secure site and will be accessible to healthcare providers during the jamboree.

Make sure your Annual Health and Medical Record is current now by clicking here so you end up at the jamboree with an updated form. Print, fill out parts A and B and have your medical professional fill out part C. Once you have completed these steps, login to your submission page using your jamboree username and password by clicking here. Your username is your Scouting ID number. You will then need to fill out some medical information in the system and upload your current form. For more details and other important information, click here. Additionally, have your medical insurance card front and back scanned and ready to upload when prompted.

An Annual Health and Medical Record is good for exactly one year. For example, if your physical was administered on August 12 in 2016, it remains valid until August 31 in 2017. However, it is still highly encourage that you have a new one processed to ensure all aspects are covered. Submit your Annual Health and Medical Record before April 19. Adequate time is needed to process AHMR’s. If you do not submit your form by April 19, it will significantly slow down the on-site registration process.



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