National Scout JamboreeDriver Training and Certification Process

for Use of Motor Pool Vehicles


In order for any member of the Jamboree staff to operate a Motor Pool vehicle during the Jamboree, the driver must have completed the training outlined below and be certified by the Motor Pool staff prior to the release or use of any Motor Pool vehicle.


The Motor Pool will issue a vehicle only to drivers that possess the appropriate certification and a valid state driver’s license to operate the vehicle requested.  If operating a UTV or “Utility Task Vehicle” (sometimes also referred to as ROV or “Recreational Off Highway Vehicle”) or ATV (“All-Terrain Vehicle” for very limited or special use), the driver must have read the 2017 National Jamboree Utility Vehicle Rules for Operations and Training Requirements.  The driver must have the certificate from the end of that document signed and endorsed by the Motor Pool and must be kept in their possession while operating the vehicle.  In accordance with that document, separate training certificates are required for the use of ATVs or UTVs.  Training for one will not qualify an individual to operate the other.  The Motor Pool will keep an electronic copy of all certificates and will verify them prior to release of a vehicle to a driver.  There are no vehicles in the Motor Pool that require a CDL.  There may be some vehicles on the Summit Bechtel Reserve (SBR) for which the driver is required to be an SBR employee or BSA professional.  Those vehicles may not be driven by volunteer jamboree staff.


Before arrival at the Jamboree, each area/team lead will determine the need for drivers to support their operations during the Jamboree, consistent with the types of vehicles to be used.  Potential drivers should be identified by name.

Area/team leads should inform selected drivers of the driver certification requirements and the need to complete the required training.  (See info on training below.)

All designated drivers will be required to satisfactorily complete the online training for the type of vehicle to be operated as follows:

Passenger vehicle, passenger van, pickup truck, SUV or other standard passenger vehicles: require only a valid unexpired U.S. state driver’s license

– UTV:  Go to .  Choose the “ROV E-Course” link.  Create an account and complete the online safety course.

– ATV:  Go to the ATV Safety Institute site online course link at:

Upon completion of the applicable course, save the course certificate as a pdf file.  (Procedure for saving as a pdf will vary depending upon the operating system and browser you are using.  Check with your local IT professional on how to do this.)  The driver name shown on the certificate should correspond with that shown on the individual’s driver’s license.

Send an electronic copy of the completed certificate as an attachment to an email to (return receipt request suggested).   In the email, identify your full name, BSA ID Number, Council, National Jamboree Unit Number, primary registered position AND team/area lead’s email info.  It is suggested that the area/team lead be copied on this email to verify to him or her that your training has been completed.

NOTE:  Certificates received without a driver name visible on the certificate will be returned.

Print and retain a copy of the training completion certificate and bring it with you to the Jamboree.

Optional:  To save time in the approval process, drivers can attach to the above email a legible pdf copy or scan of the signed last page of the 2017 National Jamboree Utility Vehicle Rules for Operations and Training Requirements manual.  If received in advance with the training certificate, the Motor Pool staff can endorse the page and have it ready for you upon arrival at the Motor Pool.   If a copy is not provided prior to arrival at the Jamboree, the driver may simply present that page to the Motor Pool upon arrival for a training certification check and endorsement.

VERY IMPORTANTDrivers WILL NOT be able to complete the required certification training at the Motor Pool site after arrival at the Jamboree.  Drivers will need to make other arrangements to obtain internet access to complete the training if needing to do so after arrival at the Jamboree.

After arrival at the Jamboree, for those requesting to use UTVs or ATVs during the National Jamboree, report to the Motor Pool at the Transportation Hub site above Camp Echo to receive vehicle familiarization, have certification paperwork signed, and your jamboree credential marked as an authorized UTV user.

Driver Data Database

As driver training certificates are received, the Motor Pool staff will compile, record and maintain a driver database for all drivers who are certified to operate Motor Pool vehicles during the Jamboree, as well as the type of vehicle each is certified to operate.  Team/area leads or drivers may contact the Motor Pool to verify certification for drivers from the database.

Driver Responsibilities for Release and Return of Vehicles (Short Term Requests Only)

Once a driver’s training completion certificate and other required documentation has been received by the Motor Pool, an appropriate vehicle, if available, will be assigned to the driver based upon a specific work order received from the Transportation Logistics Center (TLC).  Motor Pool staff will attempt to determine from the Motor Pool work order the best vehicle for the required job.  If the ideal vehicle is not available, then a suitable alternative vehicle, if available, will be released to the driver.  During high demand periods, an appropriate vehicle may not be available.  Drivers should be prepared to wait until a suitable vehicle is returned to the Motor Pool.

The Motor Pool staff will complete its portion of the short term vehicle request form.  The driver completes the check-out portion of the request form and a member of the Motor Pool staff will jointly inspect the vehicle to be used, go over any safety requirements and expectations for return of the vehicle prior to its release to the driver.

Upon return of the vehicle, the Motor Pool and the driver will jointly complete an inspection of the vehicle and fill out the required check-in portions of the vehicle request form and return it into the vehicle inventory.

NOTE:  Vehicle resources for the Jamboree are limited.  Drivers should perform the movement requested in the work order and return the vehicle promptly – as soon as the job is finished – so that all my have use of this limited Jamboree resource.