West Virginia Outdoor Learning Lab – Live Cam

The West Virginia Outdoor Learning Lab has granted Summit Bechtel Reserve access to stream their live cam here on site.  The camera was installed to monitor the changing of seasons and gather environmental data, but for Jamboree they have let us tap into it.

The West Virginia Outdoor Learning Lab has installed a phenocam for research purposes. The phenocam at Summit Bechtel Reserve is installed on a tower overlooking Goodrich Lake. The phenocam takes a picture at the same time everyday. By saving these images daily we will be able to document important phenophase dates such as leaf out, leaf coloration and leaf senescence (leaves falling from trees). Over time, we will have long term trends to see if, and to what extent, the seasons are changing. The West Virginia Outdoor Learning Lab is a program of the West Virginia Water Research Institute at WVU. To learn more visit our website at wvwri.org/estem.

(The camera will go down nightly but will be turned on again in the morning)
*The camera may also be turned off for shows and special events.



Make sure to visit their tent near Boulder Cove to complete their challenge and to earn a patch.