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Head To Florida And Get Your High Adventure On

Scuba Diving
The Florida Sea Base offers many different scuba diving programs for both beginning and experienced divers. (Photo by Florida Sea Base)

Craving adventure? Land not quite your style?

The Summit Bechtel Reserve will offer Scouts plenty of ways to get wet. Swimming, whitewater rafting, boating, snorkeling and scuba will all be centerpieces at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

But until then, throw on some flippers and dive into the ocean at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base, the only high-adventure base that shows you the open seas.

You can boat, dive, fish and snorkel from the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Straights, in the open Atlantic to the Bahamas. You could even find yourself camping on a deserted island.

The Florida Sea Base is unique because it has “wilderness that most Scouts have never explored — underwater wilderness,” said Paul Beal, general manager of Sea Base.  “Scouts get to do things they can’t do at home, things they can’t do everyday.”

Sea Base has lots of programming options to feed your hunger for adventure.

Scuba Diving To Reefs And Wrecks

Scuba diving has always been wildly popular at jamborees, so the Summit will have several pools dedicated to scuba for Scouts to get their feet wet.

[pullquote]”You can come with no experience and leave knowing what you’re doing.” — Paul Beal, general manager, Florida National Sea Base[/pullquote]

But you’ll need an ocean to explore coral reefs and shipwrecks. That’s where the Sea Base comes in.

Not scuba certified yet? No problem.

Spend 8 days in the Florida Keys learning to breathe underwater where professional instructors will help you complete 5 open-water dives.

If you’re already a certified diver, jump right in and explore coral reefs and shipwrecks. Complete up to 15 dives including night dives and a deep dive of up to 60 feet.

You’ll explore the only living coral reef in North America and experience what it’s like to be a fish. Well, as close to a fish as you can get, anyway.

Catching The Big One

The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean are filled with fish waiting for you to cast a line. There are sea bass, snapper and grouper, just to name a few.

You’ll have time to fish on nearly every adventure at the Sea Base, but if you’re really into fishing you can spend a week in the Florida Keys exploring different marine ecosystems.

Expect to troll for your dinner and learn the necessary techniques needed to catch your trophy fish.

Sailing On The Open Ocean

All hands will definitely be needed on deck as you’ll be able to sail a 100-foot schooner, a 75-foot vessel or a 40-foot sailboat. Whichever you choose, you and your crew will work together to navigate the open ocean.

You’ll be angling for big fish, snorkeling through the coral reefs and swimming off the coast of Florida or the Bahamas.

Earning your sea legs comes complimentary with any of these week-long trips.

‘Survivor’: Boy Scout Style

Paddle 6 miles into the ocean and splash onto the shore of Big Munson, a deserted island, for a week of camping and adventure.

You and your troop or crew need strong camping skills and great physical endurance to rough it on Big Munson.  Think you’re up for it?

Wading To Big Munson
Test out your camping skills while roughing it for a week on the deserted island, Big Munson. (Photo by Florida Sea Base)

The week won’t be just hard work, though, because you’ll be snorkeling through coral reefs, kayaking through red mangroves, fishing, swimming and exploring more than 100 acres of the island.

“There is such a varying number of programs that will appeal to anyone who likes the water,” Beal said. “You can come with no experience and leave knowing what you’re doing.”

Are you ready for high adventure?

Bring your dry bags, waterproof sunscreen and swimsuit, because you’ll definitely get wet. Contact the Florida Sea Base with any questions or for more information.

Already have your sea legs? Tell us about your ocean adventures.

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