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Aquatics curriculum can put you on the road to this

Water is everywhere—there’s no escaping it.

Going with the flow? That’s all about water.

If you can’t beat it—and really, why would you want to?—you might as well join it by learning as many ways to enjoy good old H20 as possible.

This year at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, you’ll be able to dive in (see what we did there?) to all kinds of aquatics adventures.

Read on and see for yourself.


Advanced Kayaking
Where: Kayaking Lake in Adventure Valley
Duration: Four hours

You will learn about kayaking safety, equipment, rescues, and skills and maneuvers that will enable you to earn the Kayaking BSA award and satisfy many of the requirements of the new Kayaking merit badge.

Mariners Adventure
Where: West Goodrich Lake
Duration: Four hours

Receive basic seamanship skills and multiple opportunities for hands-on experience including aquatics safety, basic boating skills, and teamwork. Working in eight-person crews Scouts will learn and demonstrate the following skills:

  • Rowing in eight-man skiffs
  • Life jacket use and rescue methods
  • Rules of the road using remote-controlled boats operating through a buoyed course
  • Hands-on marlinspike and rigging training


Basic Kayaking
Where: Kayaking Lake in Adventure Valley
Duration: 30 minutes

Learn how to select a paddle and use it properly (shoulder rotation, blade rotation using control hand, etc.), as well as basic maneuvers and how to get into your kayak. Once on the water, you’ll practice the maneuvers you’ve learned and then put them to the test on a basic course.

Water Reality
Where: West Goodrich Lake
Duration: However long it takes to complete the course with your team

Bring your game face because Water Reality is a floating obstacle course in the lake you and three of your mates will tackle in a timed event. To make it extra fun, you’ll be wearing life jackets and helmets. The best team times will be posted each day.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding
Where: West Goodrich Lake
Duration: 30 minutes

You’ll be shown how to select a paddle and receive instruction in basic maneuvers. On the water, practice basic maneuvers under staff direction and then complete a simple course with a buddy on a separate board.

Dragon Boats
Where: East Goodrich Lake
Duration: However long it takes to paddle the 100-yard course

Each dragon boat holds 20 Scout paddlers and two staff—one steering in the stern, the other beating cadence in the bow. The goal is to paddle a 100-yard course for time. The best times will be posted each day..

Where: The Pools
Duration: 30 minutes

You’ll receive a basic introduction to diving and gain hands-on experience in the water. Bonus? You’ll earn the Scuba BSA award for your efforts.

Evening Free Swim
Where: The Pools

Time for some good fun in the water with your friends.

That’s a whole lot of liquid awesomeness. If you haven’t signed up yet—or signed up for a staff position—what are you waiting for?

Please note: A preview version of many of the high adventure activities will also be available in Summit Center and will be open to all participants, unit leaders, staff and daily visitors. However, there will be no aquatics activities located in Summit Center.

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