Let's Celebrate Together.
Vamos a Celebrar Juntos.

We're throwing a big Scouting party
in 2024 and you're invited...

...actually, it's more than a just a party, it's a Jam Cam!

Here’s the deal: every 3-4 years, Scouts from around the Interamerican region get together to camp, dance, learn, and celebrate together at a Jam Cam.  Every good party needs a host and for the next Jam Cam, the BSA has the honor to fill that role. Get ready for your next totally awesome adventure in international Scouting Join us as we throw the biggest, most epic Jam Cam ever at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in 2024. 


So...what's a Jam Cam
and who's invited?

It’s a Jamboree + Camporee for Interamerican region
of the World Organization of the Scout Movement that is open to Scouts ages 11-17 from all over the Americas! 

“Jam” is short for Jamboree  + “Cam”is short for Camporee 

What makes Jam Cam so cool?

There’s a lot of reasons why Jam Cam is really cool, but here’s a few important reasons we’d like to point out:

1. While it’s pretty similar to other big Scouting events like National Jamboree or World Scout Jamboree, Jam Cams are especially cool in how they are focused specifically on the Americas! North, Central, South America and the Caribbean to be exact.

2. Jam Cam gives Scouts the chance to make friends in a fun environment with activities designed just for them.

3. It gives Scouts from 11-17 a chance to learn what it means to be a international citizen and how to work (and celebrate!) together 

Hover over the pictures to explore even more reasons why Jam Cam is so cool.

...and where's this awesome party going to be held?


The Summit is excited to host the our Scouting friends from around the Interamerican Region
for Jam Cam in 2024.

Since the Summit is strategically located close to major highways and within 500 miles of 63% of the US Population and easily reached by all of our surrounding States, this gives the us a unique opportunity to help make Jam Cam accessible to more Scouts from all around the BSA. Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved and spread the word. Remember, the Summit is more than just a place for Scouts; it’s where future leaders are shaped.

Here's some details you might be interested in...

When is Jam Cam?

While specific dates are not yet available, we can tell you that we’re planning to have it during the Summer season of 2024

What's the Official Language of Jam Cam 2024?

The Jam Cam Planning Team are committed to having 2 official Languages – English and Spanish

How do I find out more?

Check this site often! We’ll roll out updates as soon as we have them. Also Check out our FAQ Page by clicking HERE.