SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2018


  1. GROW YOUR COUNCIL’S VENTURING MEMBERSHIP – Training on the NEW Competitive Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Programs for Venturing. Learn how to start NEW Crews to serve Venturing age young women and men.
  2. LEARN HOW TO OFFER MORE PROGRAMS – The Boy Scouts of America has added many new programs to our shooting sports lineup. Experience these programs and how to add them to your council’s exciting camp and year-round programs.
  3. FIND NEW SOURCES AND HOW TO GET NEW $$$DOLLARS$$$ – The financial support raised by local councils is amazing. Come learn where to look, when to look and how to ask for money. Learn from the successful councils “how they did it”

Why attend this “FIRST EVER” National Shooting Sports Conference?

The Boy Scouts of America from Cub Scouting to Venturing and Sea Scouting use responsible outdoor activities to promote character development and values-based leadership training. Shooting sports can attract and retain youth in our movement. Millions of young people participate in one or more of our shooting sports annually—archery, rifle shooting, shotgun activities, etc.—guided by adults who have the skills and knowledge to provide quality programs in a safe and effective way.
The conference will give you the opportunity to see and experience our programs first hand and how you can grow your membership of your council. To make your council’s program even stronger don’t just have 1 person attend, recruit 3 or 4 to attend. It will be an investment in your program now and in the years to come. Take advantage of this special discount offer. Your council will receive $250.00 off the fee for an attendee of 2019 Shooting Sports National Camping School by sending 3 or more to the Shooting Sports Conference.


  • Learn how to organize Venturing Crews in your council to participate in the Competitive Shotgun Program.
  • Learn how to organize Venturing Crews in your council to participate in the Competitive Rifle Program.
  • Learn how to organize Venturing Crews in your council to participate in the Competitive Pistol Program.
  • Experience the fun and zaniness of the new and exciting Chalkball Program that your council can offer.
  • PowderBall / Sporting Arrows introduced at the National Jamboree and spreading across the country.
  • Learn how your council can adopt this program in your summer camp and year-round programs.
  • Experience a new, exciting and effective way to teach archery to your Scouts. This system takes a person who has never shot before to hitting the target bulls-eye nearly every time.
  • The Summit will give you the latest in shooting programs held indoors immune to the weather outside. Our youth are engaged in the world of tech everyday of their lives, this is a great way to take advantage of their interest and comfort level with high tech.
  • Shootout Competition; Your council team will keep score on card at each program area to accumulate a team score competing for the Regional and National Top Shot Award.
  • Learn how to increase participation and the quality of your programs at all levels. Get answers on training and how it can help your programs.
  • A great friend of the Boy Scouts of America, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has created a challenge grant program specifically for local Boy Scouts of America (BSA)
    Councils and shooting sports programs. Challenge grant funds should reflect planning to strengthen and increase BSA Council activities in shooting sports and commitment to the
    advancement of knowledge and understanding of shooting sports activities and firearms safety.
  • The Summit will give a one hour driving tour for attendees so they can see what is available. The Summit is changing everyday so even if you came last year or the year before there is always more to see.
  • Learn more about products available for the Competitive Shooting Programs. Learn what firearms are a good choice for your programs. “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” This session will boost your firearms knowledge.
  • Learn how and experience Cowboy Action Shooting Program. An exciting program for Boy Scouts and Venturers 14 years of age or older can take part in. A special shooting experience with opportunities to shoot single-action .22-caliber pistols, lever-action .22-caliber rifles, and 12-gauge or 20-gauge shotguns.
  • Daisy is the Official BB Gun of the Boy Scouts of America and is involved with our youth shooting sports programs. Shooting sports develops similar traits, such as discipline, patience, self-control, and responsibility. Come see and experience Daisy’s inflatable airgun ranges, a 22-foot long portable enclosed shooting house. It can help program and be used to recruit Cub Scouts in your council.
  • New innovation & countless hours of testing to providing the best possible targets to our councils. This session will boost your knowledge of archery targets.
  • Steel shooting targets enhance your new or existing range installation. With a variety of styles available, you’re sure to find something to fit your space, budget, and training needs. This session will boost your knowledge of steel targets.


When: Sep 28, 2018-Sep 30, 2018

Where: The Summit
2550 Jack Furst Dr,
Glen Jean, WV 25846

Questions: Email us at:

Check-in Sep 28 – 3:00-6:30 pm
Opening Sep 28 – 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Closing Sep 30 – 11:00 am

Whats Included:
• Friday Supper
• Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Supper
• Sunday Breakfast & Brown bag lunch
• Luxury Tents at the Summit
• Program & Materials

Summit tent housing conference fee is $195

Participant Registration: https://reservations.scouting.org/profile/105489

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