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Being Proactive Not Reactive

Ed Lynes, the JamboLink Area Lead, has said that “a good staffer responds to problems; a great staffer anticipates problems.” Every staff member has a responsibility to make sure that others have the best possible Jamboree experience. Make people more comfortable now rather than waiting until help is needed.

“It’s all about being good hosts,” says Scott Beckett, the Jamboree vice chairman for program. He offers four easy steps for being a good host:

  1. Make sure people are comfortable. “It’s always about whether people have what they need. Can you show them around? Ask if everything’s in good shape,” Beckett advises. You can ask a participants if they forgot anything at home and then help them get what they need. Take time to offer directions to Scouts who do not know their way around the Summit.
  2. Speak first. “Be the first to talk. Say ‘hi’ when you’re walking down the road. Ask people where they’re coming from and where they’re going,” Beckett says. Ask if you can help them find directions for where they are going.
  3. Be Prepared. Beckett suggests that you help participants think about what’s coming up. “Help others to be prepared and help them think ahead,” he says. For example, you might point out that Saturday’s schedule is different because of the show in the evening. Or you could ask if they’re drinking enough water. “When you have attention on others, you’re in a great spot,” he said.
  4. Offer suggestions for activities. “Have suggestions for people that aren’t typical. Everyone knows about the zip line, but tell people to fill out the passport for a chance to walk with a guy around the world.” Beckett also suggests telling participants about the the 101 Jamboree cards. A participant who collects all 101 cards will receive a $75 Jamboree folding knife.

Using these four steps, you can be proactive in improving participants’ Jamboree experiences. As Lynes says, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

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