RegisterAdvanced climbing in the New River Gorge.

Advanced Climbing


Climbing in the New River Gorge is an experience unto itself. Between the miles of hard Nuttall sandstone and the 1,000-foot deep gorge, you know immediately that you’re at a world class climbing destination. In fact, it’s the perfect place to take your climbing skills to the top.

The Advanced Climbing Program

The seven-day Advanced Climbing program includes five days of climbing and climbing skill development. All instruction takes place on real rock in the New River Gorge – a world-renown climbing destination. For those interested in making climbing a life-long hobby, this experience provides the skills and practice you need to become a more confident and proficient climber.

To get the most from this program, participants should have climbing experience at
least consistent with the skills in the climbing merit badge.

The Advanced Climbing program presents a skill instruction followed by ample climbing opportunities that will allow for the practical application of the skill.

Skill presentations include:

  • Top site anchors and systems
  • Top site assistance and rescue skills
  • Seconding sport and traditional routes
  • Cleaning anchors
  • Environmental considerations
  • Bottom site management
  • Bottom site assistance and rescue skills

You must be at least 16 years old.

If you’ve never climbed before, you might want to try The Summit Experience program for an introduction.

Registration Fee: $1199

Fee is cost per person.