RegisterHelmets and Harnesses: Climbing, Canopy Tours and Challenge Courses

Climbing, Canopy Tours & Challenge Courses

Put on a helmet and harness and you’re good to go for The Summit’s climbing, challenge course and canopy tour facilities. Helmets and Harnesses challenges you in different ways. Whether, you’re solving climbing problems, negotiating the high ropes or soaring through the trees, you’ll learn more about yourself than ever before and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Helmets & Harnesses Program

This is a seven-day/six night program with an emphasis on assessing current skills and building additional competencies running Sunday to Saturday. The Summit boasts the largest man-made climbing venue in the world with routes rated up to 5.10. It also has more challenge courses than any other single facility and more miles of canopy tour than any other location in the country. If you want to defy gravity, this is the place to be.

Helmets & Harnesses consists of one day each of:

  1. Climbing – Few activities will get you more pumped than climbing. It’s not all about muscles, though you’ll need those, too. Learn how to work with your body’s framework to climb rock faces to find those special viewpoints.
  2. Challenge courses – You’ll spend time among the heights of the Summit challenge course, negotiating just about every combination of ropes and logs and chains you can think of. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel on top of the world.
  3. Canopy tours – On the ziplines gravity becomes your ally, rocketing you along cables through the Appalachian hardwood forest. Make your way through each course from platform to platform and along swinging rope bridges among the trees.

As a bonus, each member of your crew will also be able to select two additional elective activities at other Summit adventure venues. A half-day service project and a ride on the Big Zip – our 3⁄4 mile zip line – round out your week.

Each night (Monday-Friday), we will open the Scott Summit Center for activities, fun and socializing. The Scout Summit Center incorporates small versions of our adventure sports venues.

The Details

Helmets and Harnesses is open to registered Scouts and Venturers who are at least 13 years old by the September 1 of the year they attend and their registered leaders.

The minimum group size is seven with the majority being youth members. The maximum crew size is 12 (but the majority must still be youth members).

The Summit provides tents, cots and all program equipment for your unit. Breakfast and dinner will be served in the Summit dining hall. Shelf-stable lunches will be issued to accompany participants to their daily program activities.

NOTE: You should be comfortable with heights and must weigh a minimum of 50 pounds and a maximum of 250 pounds, regardless of height, to take part in this trip.

2017 Registration Fee: $769

2018 Registration Fee: $779

Fee is cost per person.


  • Challenge courses bring out your best
  • The Canopy Venue at The Summit videoSoar through the trees
  • The Rocks climbing venue