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Are you ready to take your skateboarding to the next level? Of course you are and The Summit Ramps & Rails program is designed to take you there, hooking you up with solid fundamentals and building on those over a three-day all-you-can-skate buffet.

Ramps & Rails Program

You can’t beat the freedom of skateboarding, carving pristine concrete, hitting the vert of the half pipe or ripping streetstyle. The Ramps & Rails program is designed to help you develop your skateboarding skill set to get comfortable with your board under your feet and get the most out of your skate experience.

With Ramps and Rails, you’ll focus on:

  • Getting comfortable on your board
  • Stance
  • Pushing
  • Turning
  • Stopping
  • Kickturns
  • Carving
  • Ollies

Each participant will be evaluated to determine where best to start at The Park. From there, they can explore skills that match their ability and progress during their three days of focused skateboarding programming. The Park was designed with progression in mind, with introductory, transition, street and bowls sections. These features allow participants to build on what they’ve learned.

There is also a training area with four and six-foot mini ramps, several banks, quarter pipes, and a foam pit for practicing aerial tricks.

As a bonus, each member of your crew will also be able to select two additional elective activities at other Summit adventure venues. A half-day service project and a ride on the Big Zip – our 3⁄4 mile zip line – round out your week.

Program fee includes food, program equipment use, and camping in tents and cots provided by The Summit.

Registration Fee: $779

Fee is cost per person.


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