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Archery and Shooting Sports

Sight in your target, take a deep breath, and fire. Learn a new appreciation of the precision and accuracy necessary to elevate your marksmanship skills. Whether at the Barrels or Bows, the discipline necessary to hit your targets, the responsibility that comes with the sport, are skills you can apply throughout the rest of your life.

The Marksman Program

This is a seven-day/six-night program running Sunday to Saturday. It consists of three days of shooting and archery activities, which may include: modified trap, five-stand, 9mm steel challenge, .22 pistol, scoped rifle in .223/.308, static archery, 3D archery, long distance archery, sporting arrows, and crossbow.

As a bonus, each member of your crew will also be able to select two additional elective activities at other Summit adventure venues. A half-day service project and a ride on the Big Zip – our 3⁄4 mile zip line – round out your week.

Monday and Tuesday evenings will feature shooting sports programs and education, Wednesday evening we will  join the rest of the camp for Appalachian Celebrachian and the rest of the evenings you will have access to Scott Summit Center for activities, fun, and socializing. The Scout Summit Center incorporates small versions of our adventure sports venues.

The Details

At The Barrels, try your hand at straight up trap shooting, or dial the challenge up a notch with sporting clays. The Marksman includes trap shooting and compact clays as well, all of them designed to improve your reaction and condition you to move deliberately and quickly.

Hit The Bows and go for the bullseye in the stationary targets. 3-D archery targets, placed strategically in a wooded setting, simulate more of a hunting atmosphere. And finally, something totally new to Scouting, sporting arrows, where you take aim to shoot targets on the wing.

The more you focus, the more you repeat your stance, your breathing, your motions, the better you get. And when you get dialed in, you’ll find yourself in the “zone,” where there’s nothing but you and the target.

This program is open to registered Scouts and Venturers who are at least 13 years old by the September 1 of the year they attend and their registered leaders. (Pistol event participants must be 14 years old or be 13 years old and have completed the 8th grade).

The minimum group size is seven with the majority being youth members. The maximum group size is 12 (but the majority must still be youth members).

The Summit provides tents, cots and all program equipment for your unit. Breakfast and dinner will be served in the Summit dining hall. Shelf-stable lunches will be issued to accompany participants to their daily program activities.

Registration Fee: $939

Fee is cost per person.