Leadership Challenge at the Summit

What are the Next Course Dates?

July 7- July 13, 2024
(Staff/faculty will arrive June 29, 2024.)

What are the Course Fees?

2024 Prices

$595 per participant

$525 per faculty/staff

$250 due at registration with balance due 30 days prior to the first day of the course. Full payment details are at the registration link.

Adults learn to internalize and practice their leadership skills in this action-packed Summit conference. The conference hones the skills taught in Wood Badge in an outdoor experiential learning environment. Leadership Challenge at the Summit underscores the values of Scouting and teamwork and promotes the concepts of servant leadership.

Who May Participate?

Leadership Challenge at the Summit is open to participants who must:

-Have successfully completed Wood Badge (you may still be working on your tickets).

– Complete a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record – parts A, B, and C.