John D. TickleNATIONAL TRAINING and Leadership CENTER


BSA MTB Program Management

Dates: 4/30/18 – 5/2/18

Goal: Participants will come out of this course with the skills and knowledge to go home and either create or improve their own council mountain bike programs.

Costs: $175


This is a 2.5 day mountain bike (MTB) program course aimed at Scouts and Scouters who would like to create a BSA MTB program or improve operation of an existing BSA MTB program. This includes everyone from Scout Executives and Camp Directors who will be overseeing a program to staff and volunteers who will be running the program. Participants will learn the basics of:

  • Designing a quality BSA MTB program
  • Maintaining a rental fleet and general bike maintenance
  • Building and maintaining sustainable facilities for program development
  • Industry risk management standards and developing safety protocols
  • Resources at both the national and local level to leverage


  • 18+ only


  • Programming – .5 day
  • Bike knowledge & maintenance – .5 day
  • Sustainable progressive trail building techniques – 1 day
  • Skills development – .5 day
  • Total – 2.5 days

Room & Board

  • Camping in Echo Staff camp provided
  • Warm showers available at staff camp
  • Lunch provided Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday




If you are camping, we will provide a tent and cot. You are responsible for the rest of your camping equipment. For the course:

  • Mountain Bikes will be provided for use though you are encouraged to bring your own if you choose.
    • Bike should be something you are already comfortable on and in good working order.
    • You bike should include a quick release seat clamp or bring a tool to quickly lower your seat for certain drills
    • Your own bike should have flat or non-clip style pedals (mandatory), we can provide pedals for your use
  • Helmets will be available for use though you are encouraged to bring your own XC or half-shell style bike helmet.
  • Non-clip type riding shoes. Preferably flat soled bike, skate or running shoes (not hiking boots)
  • Pen, pencil, notebook
  • Hydration pack and snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Raincoat or riding gear for inclement weather (it could be warm or cold), be prepared to be outside everyday
  • Knee/shin and elbow pads are encouraged but not mandatory. We can also provide these.

Contact Information:

  • Registration Cristi Richardson, Senior Registration Coordinator


  • Course Manager Phil Waidner, Wheels Program Manager




Day 1 – Monday, 8:30am-4:30pm

  • BSA Specific Programming
    • What makes a quality MTB program?
    • Risk management and the importance of an assessment process and a good safety talk
    • Industry standards
    • Challenge By Choice
    • Insurance and liability
    • Progressive trail systems
    • EAPs and incident reporting
    • Radio protocol
  • Goals and Debriefs
  • Lunch
  • Bike knowledge, maintenance and repair
    • Common trailside repairs
    • Common maintenance issues
    • Strategies for efficient fleet maintenance

Day 2 – Tuesday, 8:30am-4:30pm

  • Sustainable progressive trail design and construction classroom presentation
  • Lunch
  • Sustainable progressive trail design and construction hands-on practice

Day 3 – Wednesday, 8:30am-12pm

  • Skills development
  • Theories and techniques of progression