John D. TickleNATIONAL TRAINING and Leadership CENTER


Bike Instructor Certification Program Level 1 Course

Dates:  5/2/18 – 5/4/18

Goal: Participants will have the opportunity to earn the International Mountain Bicycle Association ICP Level 1 certification.

Costs: $200


This is a 2.5 day course recommended by the International Mountain Bicycling Association, aimed at
Scouts and Scouters who will be running or instructing a BSA MTB program. Participants will learn to:

  • Lead group rides in a professional and systematic manor while effectively managing risk
  • Assess the level of each rider in their group through a pre-ride skills assessment
  • Assess and diagnose common errors within each rider’s fundamental skills
  • Prepare and implement action plans in an emergency situation
  • Make responsible choices in picking trail routes for specific groups
  • Assist BICP instructors at clinics, camps, and events

Course requirements:

  • 18+ only, see below for certification requirements
  • This is a small course that will only run with a minimum of 4 participants and closing out at a
    maximum of 6.

ICP Level 1 Pre-requisites:

  • Current First Aid and CPR certificate
  • Three or more years of mountain biking experience
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Good communication skills with a strong desire to help others have more fun and progress
  • Ability to perform basic trailside repairs (flat tires, broken chains, and shifting adjustments)
  • Fluent in the English language including reading and speaking
  • Wilderness First Aid certification strongly recommended

Room & Board

  • Camping in Echo Staff camp provided
  • Warm showers available at staff camp
  • Lunch provided Thursday & Friday



Register at
This is a partnership course between BSA and the Bike Instructor Certification Program. After registering, we will send you a pre-course packet with a manual and pre-test. It’s important to come to the training with this pre-test completed.


If you are camping, we will provide a tent and cot. You are responsible for the rest of your camping equipment. For the course:

  • Mountain Bikes will be provided for use though you are encouraged to bring your own if you choose.
    • Bike should be something you are already comfortable on and in good working order.
    • You bike should include a quick release seat clamp or bring a tool to quickly lower your seat for certain drills
    • Your own bike should have flat or non-clip style pedals (mandatory), we can provide pedals for your use
  • Helmets will be available for use though you are encouraged to bring your own XC or half-shell style bike helmet.
  • Non-clip type riding shoes. Preferably flat soled bike, skate or running shoes (not hiking boots)
  • Pen, pencil, notebook
  • Hydration pack and snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Raincoat or riding gear for inclement weather (it could be warm or cold), be prepared to be outside everyday
  • Knee/shin and elbow pads are encouraged but not mandatory. We can also provide these.

Contact Information:

  • Registration Cristi Richardson, Senior Registration Coordinator


  • Course Manager Phil Waidner, Wheels Program Manager



Day 1 – Wednesday, 1pm-4pm

  • Theoretical Instruction
    • What makes a quality MTB guide?
    • Guide training
    • Tour routes
    • Equipment
    • Guide pack
    • Food & water
    • Emergency items
    • Before the tour actions
    • Client arrival actions

Day 2 – Thursday, 8:30am-5pm

  • Instruction
    • Run through intro speech, assessment, safety speech and guiding process as example
    • Break down of each element and teaching points
  • Lunch
  • Instruction
    • Students each run through intro and assessment process
    • Students each run through safety speech and guiding

Day 3 – Friday, 8:30am-5pm

  • Instruction
    • Students run through full intro, assessment, safety speech, trail ride and wrap-up – Evaluations
  • Lunch – fill out paperwork
    • Run through participants’ evaluations
  • Level 2 skills Instruction



Important Information
Most people fly in and out of Charleston Yeager airport, though Beckley does have a very cheap flight
to/from Charlotte, NC through ViaAir.

  • Air:
    • Charleston, WV – 1 hour
    • Beckley, WV – 20 min
    • Pittsburgh, PA – 3.5 hour
    • Charlotte, NC – 4 hour
  • Bus: Greyhound, Beckley, WV – 20 min
  • Train: Prince, WV or Thurmond, WV – 10-20 min
  • Driving: For this program, we will be bringing everyone in the North Entrance in Glen Jean.
    Make sure to use this google maps point for navigation,

    • Driving directions from the north:
      ▪ I-77S (tolls)
      ▪ Exit 60 to Mossy
      ▪ East on WV-612
      ▪ Turn Right (South) onto Scarbro Rd.
      ▪ Continue straight onto Glen Jean Ln.
      ▪ Follow to SBR North Entrance
      ▪ Follow Jack Furst Drive 3.7 miles to the Scott Visitor Center building
    • Driving directions from the South
      ▪ I-77N (tolls)
      ▪ Exit 48 to US-19N to Summersville
      ▪ US-19N
      ▪ Turn Right onto Wood Mountain Rd.
      ▪ Turn Left onto WV-16N/WV-61N
      ▪ Turn Right onto Glen Jean Ln.
      ▪ Follow to SBR North Entrance
      ▪ Follow Jack Furst Drive 3.7 miles to the Scott Visitor Center building