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Special Guest Cartoonists – John and Anne Hambrock

The special guest cartoon today is “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee,” by John Hambrock. Anne Morse-Hambrock, his wife, colors the strip and works in many other capacities to keep the strip running smoothly. Today’s cartoon was created specifically to run in conjunction with the 2017 National Jamboree in celebration of Boy Scouting and Venturing.

What motivated John to do a nod-to-Scouting cartoon? “I believe this is the third time I have submitted a cartoon to the jamboree. My friend and fellow cartoonist Rich Diesslin brought me on board, and I couldn’t help but jump at the chance. My newspaper comic strip, ‘The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee,’ features a 10-year-old inquisitive, inventive boy, so naturally it’s easy for me to create Scout-themed comics. I’m honored to be a part of this event.”

What drives his artistic passion? “As a comic strip creator, my art and writing enable me to express opinions and ideas with the public. Knowing I’ve been given this opportunity to make someone laugh or think is extremely gratifying.”

What drives his support of the Boy Scouts of America? “I was never a Scout myself, but I’ve known lots of boys and young men who have been. Scouting taught them valuable skills and values that helped them mature into well-rounded adults. A few of them I know have built lifelong friendships with other Scouts through their shared experiences. I will continue to support the Boy Scouts of America because I believe in its positive impact on boys.”

How does John develop his comics? “I’ve been writing for the same characters for 11 years, so I know them well. When I sit down at the drawing board, I just think of one or more of them in a funny situation, and they pretty much write their own dialog. It may sound difficult, but that method works quite well for me.”

JamboLink thanks John and Anne for supporting Scouting with this cartoon, which will appear in papers across the nation. Learn more about “Edison Lee” at

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