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Summit High Adventure Beyond The 2013 Jamboree

Summit Director Dan McCarthyAs preparations for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree continue, we have been simultaneously working on the development and marketing of the 2014 high adventure program that will be headquartered at the Christen High Adventure Base here on The Summit.

In a previous post I outlined the four crew programs that will be offered: The River, Helmets and Harnesses, The Marksman and Wheels. To date, we have more than 250 crews slated to attend the first high adventure season.

The River program is leading the sign-up race at the moment with 147 crews scheduled and more than 50 percent of the capacity already booked. The good news is each program track can accommodate additional crews and we will continue to accept reservations while space remains.  You can check the availability of arrival dates and program tracks here.

Those of you attending this year’s national meeting in May will be able to learn more about these programs in both a general session update and a special workshop session.

When I introduced our 2014 high adventure crew programs, I also mentioned we were working on a possible provisional program for 2014. We have decided to include such a program in our 2014 set of high adventure opportunities. While it has not yet been formally announced, here’s a sneak peek:

In July 2014, we will host two week-long photography workshops taught by professional photographers that will focus on using photography to tell the stories of Scouting and the Summit.  This is going to be a unique opportunity for older Scouts and Venturers to learn from experts and enjoy the great outdoor and adventure locations at the Summit and in the New River Gorge region. The area surrounding the Summit is rich in wildlife and natural beauty; tie this together with the action of the high adventure program activities and you have a photographer’s dream location. Stay tuned for further details and instructions on how to sign up.

See you at the Summit!


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