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Sustainable Forestry At The Summit [Video]

Want to know where the Summit Bechtel Reserve got the lumber used to construct buildings on site? We’ll give you a hint: You don’t have to look far.

In true sustainable fashion, trees from the Summit, stayed at the Summit. In other words, if a tree had to be cut down in order to build roads, campsites or other facilities, it was sent to a local mill, where it was cut and seasoned, and then turned into one of the buildings at the Summit.

Sustainable Forestry
See how trees at the Summit were used to construct buildings on site. (Photo by Summit Blog Staff)

It’s interesting to note that of the 10,600 acres of Summit property, only about 700 acres are contributing to this process.

Check out this video to see how Trinity Works, developers of the Summit, worked with local foresters and lumber mills for this sustainable forestry project.

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