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Tips to Maximize the Fun at Aerial Sports

Aerial sports at the Jamboree offer a range of adventure opportunities. A few easy steps will ensure that participants get the most from these experiences.

When riding on the Summit’s Big Zip, bring your backpack. Wearing the backpack will cause the participant to go faster on the zip line and have a better ride. As with all aerial sports at the Jamboree, wear closed-toe shoes that do not slip on and are either laced-up or Velcro-fastened.

Put your aerial sports tokens somewhere secure so they can’t fall out and be lost. In particular, do not store them within the participant’s credentials.

Bring your Jamboree Passport so it can be stamped and so you can save time the next time you visit the area.

Finally, bring your water bottle. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and heat-related injuries while at the Jamboree.

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