Philip M. and Geda Condit

Philip Condit credits Scouting with developing the leadership skills that helped him become chairman and CEO of Boeing Co. While at Boeing, he was committed to nurturing leadership skills among the company’s employees, developing the renowned Boeing Leadership Center. Today, he continues to believe in the importance of leadership training, particularly for young people. Philip has dedicated his time, experience, and treasure to the effort and currently serves on the committee developing curriculum for the Thomas S. Monson Leadership Excellence Complex at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Why I give...

“I will always believe that learning something new every day is exciting and deepens our enjoyment of life. Form a new idea, acquire a new skill, demonstrate a new capability. It doesn’t matter how old you are. With that in mind, I ask myself, will we create a Scouting leadership complex that will truly change the world? Can we impress upon future generations the importance of lifelong learning? And lastly, can I apply the lessons I have learned across the years to inspire, encourage, and motivate young people? Those are the questions that keep me engaged today.”
‒ Philip Condit

“If you look at the outcome of Scouting programs, you see it 30, 40, or 50 years later in the kinds of leaders it turns out. To me, the results speak for themselves.”
‒ Geda Condit

Scouting Affiliation and Honors

Philip Condit Scouting Affiliation and Honors

  • BSA National Executive Board Member
  • Chief Seattle Council Past President
  • Regal Circle
  • Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
  • Silver Antelope Award
  • Silver Beaver Award

Geda Condit Scouting Affiliation and Honors

  • Regal Circle
  • Baden-Powell Fellow

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