High Adventure at SBR

In order to develop character, citizenship, and personal fitness, young people need the opportunity to push past their comfort zones in real world settings that help them understand who they are and envision who they can become. High adventure programs provide crucial experiences that help young people clarify their values, goals and vision for the future.

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Our High Adventure Experience Options

High adventure at SBR adds a new dimension to the Scouting experience. High adventure is not just about adrenaline and the wow factor, it’s about digging deep within yourself, finding out what makes you tick and discovering how to push beyond what you think you can do.

50+ miles of backpacking style travel on inflatable kayaks and rafts.  

Introductory level experiences at each of the nine Summit high adventure venues!  

50+ miles of backpacking style rides through the Summit and New River Gorge area.  

 Experience 60+ miles of rugged exploration in the New River Gorge area.  

Experience four days of shooting sports activities for beginners and seasoned shooters.


A combination of Hiking and Rafting – learn local history and the fundamentals of backpacking