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Program Catalogs and Guides

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General Summit Bechtel Reserve Info

SBR Main Site Map





Download: Summit Bechtel Reserve Map Pack

Download: Summit Bechtel Reserve Programs Catalog

Summit Bechtel Reserve PowerPoint Presentation





Download: Summit Bechtel Reserve Presentation

Download: Summit Bechtel Reserve Overview Video

Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base

Download: High Adventure Planning Guide

High Adventure Programs Brochure







Download: High Adventure Programs Brochure






Download: 2018 High Adventure Programs Brochure

Senior Scout Camp Leaders’ Guide

Download: Senior Scout Camp Leaders’ Guide

Download: Senior Scout Camp Leaders’ Guide – Printable

James C. Justice National Scout Camp


Download: James C. Justice Scout Camp Overview Brochure

Presentation Materials

To get started with sharing Summit high adventure programs with your crew, we’ve put together a library of marketing files you can download that will get your Scouts pumped.

Check it out.


Skateboarding (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Canopy Tour (High Quality)

The Rocks (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

The River (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Sizzler Video (High Quality)

Individual Program Info

Dig into the nitty gritty of each program with these handy fact sheets.

Summit Experience fact sheet (.pdf)

Focused Programs

Berms & Bars fact sheet (.pdf)

Helmets & Harnesses fact sheet (.pdf)

Tires & Trails fact sheet (.pdf)

Ramps & Rails fact sheet (.pdf)

The Marksman fact sheet (.pdf)

The River fact sheet (.pdf)

Advanced Programs

Advanced Climbing fact sheet (.pdf)

Advanced Kayaking fact sheet (.pdf)

Advanced Mountain Biking fact sheet (.pdf)

Adventure Photography fact sheet (.pdf)

Website Promotion Materials

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