Core Values

Summit Core Values are at the heart of everything we do

Summit Core Values

Regardless of the program track selected, each crew will have the opportunity to participate in core activities focused on adventure, service, leadership, and sustainability.


Located in Scott Scouting Valley, Action Point is where you will experience mini versions of the Summit’s high-adventure sports venues. This includes challenge courses, canopy tours, BMX tracks, mountain bike trails, and skate parks. During your stay, each crew will have access to evening program at the Action Point venues.


Because service is a key element of Scouting, each crew will spend a half-day engaged in a service project at the Summit, the New River Gorge National River, or its surrounding area. In most cases, the project will focus on areas impacted by your selected program track and may include river cleanup, bike-trail maintenance, or similar projects.


Sustainability has always been front and center in the development of the Summit. The property does this to ensure participants in the future are able to experience what you do today. No matter the program you attend at SBR there will be plenty of opportunities to do your part. These include opportunities to utilize our energy saving buildings and structures, take official Leave No Trace courses educate yourself in an Outdoor Ethics Course before starting your trek, and of course visit our energy positive Sustainability Treehouse.


Leadership is more than having a given position or title. The Summit program activities are designed to foster the development of important leadership characteristics in all participants: self-confidence, sound decision-making skills, and a commitment to living the ideals of Scouting. Each crew will operate under the direction of a youth crew leader assisted by the quartermaster, chaplain aide, and outdoor ethics guide.