Paul R. ChristenNational High Adventure Base



Scouting programs emphasize the development of leadership, character, citizenship and fitness. To accomplish these goals, young people need the opportunity to push past their comfort zones in real world settings that help them understand who they are and envision who they can become. High adventure programs provide crucial experiences that help young people clarify their values, their goals and their vision for the future.

High Adventure Programs

High adventure at The Summit adds a new dimension to the Scouting experience. High adventure is not just about adrenaline and the wow factor, it’s about digging deep within yourself, finding out what makes you tick and discovering how to push beyond what you think you can do.

The Paul R. Christen High Adventure Base offers eleven programs within three program categories:

The Summit Experience program provides an introduction to all components of the SBR Adventure Zone;

Focused Programs allow Scouts and Venturers to focus primarily in one particular area of the SBR’s adventures and concentrate on developing their skills in that focus area while still having some time for elective choices, and;

Advanced Programs provide the opportunity to reach advanced skill levels in a single high adventure skill set.