44 Miles Of Flags

You’ve heard about SummitCorps. You’ve heard about the miles of hiking and biking trails constructed by the Order of the Arrow. But what was happening weeks before the Scouts even arrived? Well, there was plenty of topographic map analysis, grade

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Arrowmen Learn About The Culture Around The Summit

A man sharpens a hatchet. Another picks up a firearm. Beside them is a woman weaving. Animal skins are spread across tables. String music plays in the background. Where are you?  You’re at Appalachian History Night. Every Monday night during

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Send Us Stories For The Summit Blog

Got A Scouting Story To Share?

We want to hear about your adventures! We want to hear about the amazing things Scouts are achieving in your area! How are you getting ready for the next jamboree? Do you have a story idea for Patrol Z? If

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The Word On The Streets Of Fayetteville

Just up the road from the Summit, citizens of Fayetteville, West Virginia, one of America’s Coolest Small Towns, have noticed Scouts hanging around town. It’s hard not to notice. Scouts are in the stores, the restaurants, the trails, and even

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How Far Did You Travel To Get To SummitCorps?

Thousands of Scouts traveled to the New River Gorge this summer to help build hiking and biking trails at SummitCorps: The New River Experience. They came from all over the country, and in one case, even farther. Let’s meet the

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A Day Off At SummitCorps

5 Adventure Activities On The SummitCorps Schedule

After 32 hours of shoveling, raking, breaking rocks and so much more, Arrowmen volunteering at SummitCorp: The New River Experience are getting to experience a bit of adventure in the New River Gorge. Each week, Arrowmen were given several adventure

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3 More Ways SummitCorps Is Giving Back

Scouts were busy building hiking and biking trails by day and giving back to the community by night at SummitCorps. They just couldn’t get enough community service, could they? Before SummitCorps began, leaders chose 10 local charities that needed a

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Cheerful Service: How We Roll

Hard Work, Hard Play

Whether it’s hard work or hard play, the Scouts got the most out of each day they spent at SummitCorps. The Order of the Arrow has the recipe for a great experience — service and adventure are the two main

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