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The Word On The Streets Of Fayetteville

Just up the road from the Summit, citizens of Fayetteville, West Virginia, one of America’s Coolest Small Towns, have noticed Scouts hanging around town.

It’s hard not to notice. Scouts are in the stores, the restaurants, the trails, and even the river.

Chances are if you set foot in Fayetteville this summer, you saw some SummitCorps Scouts wandering around on their day off from building trails, too.

Swirl Ice Cream And Novelty CandySWIRL, an ice cream and novelty candy shop, was swamped with Scouts on the weekends. Darlene Norosky, co-owner of SWIRL, said that she saw many of the same Scouts every Saturday and had been given the honorary title of “mom” by the Scouts.

Vandalian Restaurant

The Vandalian, an eclectic restaurant with a diverse menu, has also seen the Scouts this summer. Erin, one of the servers, has especially noticed them on Saturday mornings for breakfast.

Water Stone OutdoorsMaura Kistler, a co-owner at Water Stone Outdoors, is excited about the 2013 jamboree. They sell outdoor gear and even have a Boy Scout section with hats, uniforms and books.

 Have you been to Fayetteville yet? What’s your favorite place to hang out?

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