Scout Connections

Looking to fill extra "slots" for your unit reservation at the Summit? ...or Looking to attend a Summit Program without a unit?

We want to make sure that everyone that wants to come to the Summit has the opportunity to come! Whether that means helping you fill a couple extra slots for your Unit registration or connect you with a unit other than your own, we’re here to help. 

Select “Browse Postings” or “Submit a posting below and check out the “how-to” info below to get started. 

Provisional Postings

Looking to Connect?

Please read over the information below on how to submit a posting before submitting. All submissions will be reviewed prior to publishing on the calendar above. 

First Time Posting? Check out this How-to.

Note: In accordance with the BSA Youth Protection policies, All private online communications (texting, phone calls, chat, IM, etc.) must include another registered leader or parent. This means all postings must use a leaders or parents email address. For more information about BSA Youth Protection policies, click HERE.

Start Here

Choose who will be the unit contact and enter their name and email here. For Provisional Scouts, please enter your Parents email address.

If you have any private notes pertaining to the posting, you can enter them here and they will only be able to be seen by our registration team.

1. Event Titles

For the Event Title – Enter the week Number and whether you are looking to join a unit or whether your unit is looking to fill slots. 

Week 2 – 2 open Slots
Week 2 – Looking for a Slot

2. Keywords/Tags

For the Keywords/Tags, enter the program you are attending or looking to attend.

Summit Experience
Summit Experience, New River Experience, 
Pack N’ Paddle

3. Date/Time

For the Date and Time, select the dates you will be on-site at the Summit and check the box that says “All Day”

4. Event Description

For the event Description, write a quick explanation of the posting, meaning you could include your Troop number and location and how many slots your are looking to fill or that you’re a Life Scout looking to join a High Adventure Experience. Additionally, drop an email address in the description to make it easier to connect. 

5. Location

For location, simply put the nearest major city and state. Make sure to spell out the state and then Google Maps will pick it up and you should be able to select it from a list so that it will show up on the map.