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Senior Scout Camp at James C. Justice National Scout Camp

Senior Scout Camp

It is a beautiful time of the year. Leaves are falling, school is starting back up, and Scout units are getting together and working out their plans for the next year. Where is your unit planning to go? Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting each of the program opportunities available at YOUR National Scout Camp. To start things off let’s talk about our Senior Scout Camp.

This program is for Venturers or 1st class and above Scouts who are looking for advancement opportunities that go “Beyond the Merit Badge.” Instructional programs allow Scouts to develop their skills in climbing, COPE, mountain biking, shooting sports, skateboarding, ecology, paddle sports and much more. Evenings are filled with open activities throughout Scott Summit Center (zip lines, canopy tours, BMX, water reality, etc) along with campfires, concerts, and competitions.

Adult leaders are welcome to join in the fun or take advantage of leader training in outdoor skills, swiftwater rescue, or become a Leave No Trace Trainer.

Tents, cots, showers, meals, and Wi-Fi are all included in the Senior Scout Camp. All you have to bring is your personal gear and the attitude for adventure! For more information or to register for the Senior Scout Camp, visit:

Stay tuned for information on our Council Adventure Partnership as well as our Appalachian Adventures. We hope to see you next summer at the James C. Justice National Scout Camp!

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