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5 Easy Ways To Survive the Summit

What is Patrol Z?

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The Summit, I won’t lie to you, is tough. But it’s that really good kind of tough. It has really different terrain, with different conditions than a lot of Scouts are used to (myself included). There are, however, five easy steps to help you have an amazing time and conquer any challenges.

  1. Stay hydrated – This is super important at the Summit. Dehydration is not fun, and it could put a big cramp on all your fun plans! Carrying around a couple of water bottles is easy, and you will not regret it!
  2. Wear sunscreen and bug spray – The sun is great for keeping everyone warm, but too much of anything can be really bad, and sunburns are one of the most common maladies at the Summit. Sunscreen is a major key to your happiness at the Summit. Bug spray is good, too, because although bugs are cool, they can be a bummer at times! So grab some good sunscreen and bug spray, and get out here!
  3. Have good, broken-in hiking boots – The hiking is GREAT at the Summit. You will get to see so much wildlife and so many sights. It is amazing. But having brand new hiking boots can give you blisters and sore feet. Having good quality hiking boots that you have already broken in really well can be a foot saver! Easy solution? Go for a few hikes at home to help mold those new boots to your feet before you head out to the Summit.
  4. Bring a camera – Trust me, this is a necessity! Everything is so amazing at the Summit; you will need plenty of photos to take back to your family, friends, and Scouting unit. So, grab your camera and some extra batteries! Don’t worry, though; the trading post has tons of extra batteries for sale if you forget.
  5. Bring your smartphone! – At the 2013 National Jamboree, a smartphone will be really handy. Essential? No, not really — but not only is it important to keep in touch with your family and friends, your phone will also be able to help keep you up on the latest jamboree news by connecting with @Patrolz on Twitter and Instagram, as well as @BechtelSummit and the #2013jambo hashtag. Don’t have a smartphone? No problem. Keep checking us out here on the Summit blog for more updates as the jamboree approaches.

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