Goodrich Lake West

Can You Make It Over the Log?

There’s five inflatable water obstacles at Water Reality. The Log (a.k.a. the Twinkie) is the smallest. But don’t let its size fool you. A rotating tube two feet in diameter seems pretty darn big when you’re looking up at it from the water. Most say this is the hardest obstacle on the course.

But teamwork makes the dreamwork. Up to five are allowed per team, and people get creative. After the Log you’ll want a break. But no can do. The Teeter-Totter, the 14 foot Iceberg, the Dog Bone, and the Water Mat all lay waiting—each with their own challenge.  

The 2018 Water Reality course time record is 2:05. Screamin’ fast.

Stand Up Paddleboard Staff Tips

Feel free to jump in—yeah that’s allowed.

Try some yoga. Stretch out from the day’s walking with a downward dog into child’s pose. Or test your balance with the tree pose (you have to stand on one leg).

Play some games. Tag on paddle boards can be interesting. Frisbee is also a hit. Or stack the boards into “rafts” and have a race.

Want to Relax at the Summit?

So you spent the day walking. Then you beat the Water Reality Course Record. Right? That’s where the kayaks come in.

Lean back. Take in the serene beauty of the kayak zone. You might see a green heron, an osprey or even white tailed deer as your paddles cut quietly through the water.

People always say how kayaking in the evening block is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

Advancement at the Lake

Goodrich Lake West staff also do Scout Camp Advancement. They teach Swimming, Lifesaving, and Kayaking merit badges.

Other awards are also available for youth and adults.