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Appalachian Adventure

As the snow begins to melt off the skate park and zip-line platforms, we know that the summer season is swiftly approaching! What short-term camping adventures does your unit have planned?

Based in the James C. Justice National Scout Camp, Appalachian Adventure is a great opportunity for a unit to discover the adventure sports available at the Summit Bechtel Reserve on their own terms. The format is open program, meaning that participants can move from activity to activity in the Scott Summit Center as they see fit. Activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, Project COPE & skateboarding will be open during the day with thrilling zip-lines, canopy tours, and water reality running in the evening. Each day of activities will be capped off with a campfire, competition, ceremony, or live-music event. By the time you get back to your campsite the cobbler will have never tasted so good!

Water Reality Iceberg

Appalachian Adventure is also a great way for your unit to create their own adventure by pairing two and half days at the Summit Bechtel Reserve with a few days of excitement in the New River Gorge National River or any of the other beautiful State parks that are close by. The whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain-biking, and rock-climbing in Southern West Virginia is truly world-class. We can even give you contacts for local guides and outfitters to make your dream trip a reality!

Sessions for Appalachian Adventure are offered both Sunday night to Wednesday morning (Session A) and Wednesday night to Saturday morning (Session B). This program is open to Boy Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, Varsity Teams, and Explorer posts. So if you are looking for an exciting short-term campout for your unit bring your tent, sleeping, bag, and a sense of adventure because this is one campout that isn’t to be missed!

Appalachian Adventure Schedule

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