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Coming Soon To Scout Stores Near You

It’s a new home for the jamboree. It’s a new high adventure base. It’s a new century of Scouting. All of that calls for some brand new gear.

Summit Legion Cap
You Scouts out there who were learning about the Summit at the 2010 jamboree at Fort AP Hill might remember the field caps that were handed out. This new and improved SBR Legion Cap now includes the official logo of the Summit, and it makes you look pretty stylish. ($14.99)

We’re excited to announce the first shipment of Summit Bechtel Reserve gear is already headed to your local Scout shop. And soon enough, you’ll be able to get all of it online at

Long Sleeve Summit T-shirt
When you’re in the long-sleeve Summit T-shirt, and people ask you where this so-called Summit place is, you can point to the longitude and latitude data on the sleeve. If they’re Scouts, they’ll know how to find it, right? ($19.99)

(If you haven’t visited lately, by the way, go check it out. They recently launched a newly redesigned website that’s a lot easier to navigate and looks way cooler, too.)

Summit Climb T-shirt
How about that blue on the short-sleeved Summit Climb T-shirt? Throw this one on and people will spot you from across the room — but be prepared for the “Where’d you get that cool shirt?” questions. ($14.99)

The exciting news here is that the BSA Supply Group is preparing to launch 80 — yep, 80! — different new product items, all inspired by or for use at the Summit. Be sure to stay tuned right here for info as that gear is released.

Summit Ball Cap
If you like ball caps, we’ve got one of those, too. The SBR Ball Cap has been tested by the Summit Blog staff. We can assure you it looks just as good backwards as it does forward. We’re not sure about sideways, and neither is your Scoutmaster. ($14.99)

Here’s the best part: We’re going to challenge you Scouts to help us out with developing some of this gear. Not only are we making sure that your Scouting gear is high-quality and suitable for all the fun you’ll be having at the Summit, we want to make sure you actually like it. So, we’ll be letting you all vote on designs and other product ideas.

What do you shop for at your local Scout store? Like what you see here? Let us know in the comments.

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