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Delving Into The Dirt Track: BMX Jamboree Curriculum Update

At The Trax, explore the pure joy of rolling on two wheels over primo BMX terrain. Rollers, berms and downhill courses are calling your name.

BMX Curriculum

When you arrive at The Trax, you’ll receive your gear and safety training. Next, spend two hours pushing your limits guided by a professional BMX coach.

To get rolling, you’ll visit the assessment track where instructors can determine the best course for you. If you start at the beginner track, no worries; the BMX curriculum is designed to improve the skills of riders at all levels, including complete beginners.

On the challenge and advanced course, you’ll have priority use of three tracks for 40 minutes each. Once you’ve completed the curriculum, you can hit any of the other tracks during your elective time.

Here’s a glimpse at what goes on when you take on the challenge and advanced courses.

Challenge Course:

  • Pump track—Learn and develop basic riding skills needed on BMX courses.
  • Flat race track—Once the gate drops, eight riders pedal for all they’re worth in this Olympic-style race format.
  • Freestyle jump track—Build basic BMX jump skills.

Advanced Course:

  • One track—This is one of the tracks used by the basic curriculum
  • Tabletop Jump Track—Hone your BMX advanced jumping skills here
  • Speed and Style Track—This downhill course offers different routes for the advanced rider

BMX Elective

The 10 BMX tracks at the Summit were designed and built by Spohn Ranch, the top name in course design in the United States. During the construction process, Spohn Ranche used professional riders to help fine-tune the tracks, so these courses are dialed in for the best ride and big air.

Once you’ve ridden the assessment track to determine your skill level, get going on any track for which you qualify. As you progress, you may return to the assessment track anytime to upgrade your qualification level. Five of the tracks, including the Downhill Race Track—designed to allow up to eight riders to race on a four-leg track with gravity assist—are open for elective use at any given time. That means shorter wait times for you!

Staff positions are still available for the Trax and other bike-related activities. Sign up here.

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