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Gettysburg: Experience The Past

What Is Patrol Z?Where can you go to see one of the most significant and well-known battlefields of the Civil War in person? Gettysburg, of course.

Gettysburg was an unexpected battle that became the decisive victory for the North, giving them the advantage that helped them win the war. The town of Gettysburg is located in southern Pennsylvania, and also happens to be the northernmost battle of the entire war.

To provide a structured program for Scouts, the Boy Scouts of America teamed up with the National Park Service to produce manuals that provide routes for Scouts to explore the battle, along with narrative describing what happened.

The newly opened visitors center and museum is also a great place to go to see artifacts from the battle.

Road Trip?

Gettysburg is a great stop for attendees to visit on their way to or from the 2013 jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Check out the video above, and you’ll see exactly what Gettysburg has to offer. Whether you’re there for a week or a weekend, Gettysburg is an awesome trip.


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