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Heelflips, Tailwhips And Foam Pits

[pullquote]“Because they’re fast and fun.” — Bill Chouinard, Fayetteville Resident and skate park fundraiser[/pullquote]

Did you know that skateboarding is more popular than baseball with teens? True. That’s why you’ll be able to ride brand new parks at the jamboree in 2013.

Actually, “ride” is a bit of an understatement. Using progressive terrain and foam pits (yes, foam pits), the parks at the Summit will be purpose-built to help you push your personal envelope. Whether you’re rolling around for the first time or trying to crack the code on a BS flip, the Summit’s parks will help take your skills to the next level.

Skate And BMX Parks At The Summit

BMX Vert Jump
Crack that whip! (Photo by Jon Hanson/Flickr Creative Commons)

Tom Wagner is in charge of the design and construction of the parks at the Summit. He and his team are very excited about the new construction. “We’ve been working with experts for almost a year,” Wagner said. “We surveyed Scouts during the 2010 Jamboree, asking what was important. Scouts overwhelmingly wanted skating and BMX in their Scouting experience. Their choices guided our decision to make those sports big at the Summit.”

Construction of the skate and BMX parks will begin in the next month.

The Summit’s skateboard and BMX parks are being designed by the world renowned team at Spohn Ranch. In the bonus video (see that grey box up there?), Aaron Spohn, president and founder of Spohn Ranch, describes the vision for action sports facilities at the Summit.



Skating In The NRG

Coming to the New River Gorge (NRG) before the jamboree but bummed the Summit parks won’t be ready?

Skateboard Bowl Ride
Who will be the first boost a FS indy at the Summit?  (Photo by David Dennis/Flickr Creative Commons)

Check out Fayetteville’s skate park. The all-concrete park features 3 bowls, rails, stairs, boxes, a 6-foot hubba and something the locals call “Taco.”
Local skateboarder Bill Chouinard, among others, helped to fundraise over $250,000 in order to build this great park in Fayetteville.

“My favorite feature in the park is either the keyhole bowl or the classic swimming pool bowl,” said Chouinard, “because they’re fast and fun.”


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