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How To Make Headlines At The 2013 Jamboree

There’s front-page news everywhere you look at a national jamboree!

It takes Scouts and Venturers to tell the stories, and we need staff to help them spread the word. And there are a lot of different ways to make headlines at the jamboree.

Check out these five opportunities for staff (and Scouts!):

  • Hometown News — This program gives youth a chance to write articles sharing the jamboree excitement for the publications back home.
  • Jamboree Radio — QBSA broadcasts 24 hours a day at the national jamboree, pumping out tunes and news to provide a soundtrack to your jamboree experience.
  • Jamboree Today — The daily newspaper at the jamboree is an incredible experience in journalism. Join the staff of reporters, photographers, and editors to cover the top stories at the Summit.
  • K2BSA — The K2BSA Amateur Radio Association covers the short waves of the radio spectrum, broadcasting and conversing with Scouting enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Leaders’ Update — Plans adapt and schedules adjust, and it takes a publishing staff to make sure leaders get the news they need every day at the jamboree.

Many of these jobs require previous technical experience, but there are also support positions in each of these operations. We also want to encourage Scouts and Venturers to get exposed to these jobs as much as possible.

Are you a newshound? Do you love to get the word out? Sign up to join the jamboree staff today!

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