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How Whitewater Kayaking And Recycling Met

Kayaking Through Slot
A kayaker paddles and maneuvers his way through whitewater and rocks in Colorado. (Photo by abkfenris/Flickr Creative Commons)

This is part 4 of a 4-part series about a service project (recycling) that we tied to some adventure stuff (Bridge Day). Fun? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

What this group of Scouts didn’t know about whitewater kayaking in the New River Gorge (SBR’s backyard), they made up for in enthusiasm.  That’s about all you can ask for when it comes to paddling a Class IV rapid for the first time.

And it’s all you really need. That, and an expert instructor in the kayak with you!

Tandem Kayaks?! Yes, Tandem Kayaks

[pullquote]“I enjoyed getting out there to help them experience the sport I am passionate about.” — Justin Owen, Jackson Kayaks pro[/pullquote]

What? Two people in one kayak? Yep. That’s exactly what pro kayaker and Jackson Kayak athlete Justin Owen had in mind when he met up with Troop 179 at the top of Fayette Station Rapid, right below the New River Gorge Bridge.

The Scouts had just come from a pretty intense day of recycling at West Virginia’s largest one-day festival, Bridge Day. Yes, that Bridge Day. The one with BASE jumpers.

(White)Water Up Your Nose

Nothing says “Hey, wake up!” like a shot of whitewater up you left nostril. Or your right one. Or both. Check out the video to see how Justin and the Scouts did.

“The whole day was very rewarding, and I enjoyed getting out there to help them experience the sport I am passionate about,” says Justin. “They learned extremely well and seemed to take away the skills needed to start a new hobby in whitewater.”

Fayette Station At The New River
Many whitewater kayaking adventures end right under the New River Gorge Bridge at Fayette Station, a popular takeout area. (Photo by Gary Hartley)

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