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I-Corps — Training The SummitCorps Trainers

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For 4 weeks, Scouts from across the nation are gathering to get their hands dirty in the West Virginia soil, but they’ve needed some instruction to get the job done right.

Good news. The elite team of instructors for the event, the InstructorCorps (or I-Corps for short), have been on site and have learned everything there is to know about building trails. Through a combination of in-class and in-the-field training (with most of it outside on the trails themselves), the I-Corps have worked together to ensure that the participants of SummitCorps learn how to build quality mountain biking trail.

Tools for trail building
I-Corps has been learning everything there is to know about building trails. (Photo by Patrol Z author, Connor)

The I-Corps has been working closely with representatives from the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) to ensure that the trails are top-notch. The training has included the expert guidance of IMBA, the US Park Service, The American Red Cross, and more; the members have covered everything from finding artifacts to wilderness first aid. They have made sure that when participants arrive to begin working, the instructors will be trail-building machines prepared to handle any and all challenges that may arise while building the trails.

Rock armoring? No problem. Cutting the bench? Piece of cake.

The team of 35 is also under the guidance of some of the experienced members of ArrowCorps5, a service event that took place in 2008 at locations around the nation.

As Marty, an InstructorCorps member puts it,“Spending a summer with such an outstanding group as the I-Corps is an incredible experience, one that I would not trade for the world. I’ll be able to leave a lasting legacy by affecting not only the trails of West Virginia but in the lives of the Scouts and Scouters I will meet this summer.”

The I-Corps finished their on-trail training last week and continue to hone their skills so they can pass them on to other Scouts who plan to attend. For the remainder of the week prior to the arrival of the participants, they have been preparing for the arrival of the Arrowmen.

I-Corps on their way to work
I-Corps members include Arrowmen from New York to California and everywhere in between. (Photo by Patrol Z author, Connor)

As an added bonus Scouts can actually see the summit of the Summit from their basecamp at the Glen Jean National Guard Armory.

SummitCorps is an evolution of ArrowCorps5 as it incorporates the best elements from the OA High Adventure programs and adds them to the tradition of success. The event truly exhibits the principles of the Order of the Arrow which focuses on cheerful service and brotherhood as Scouts interact to form lifelong friendships.

Members of I-Corps are also a diverse bunch. There are members from New York to California and everywhere in between. Each has something different to bring to the event and they all add their own flair to the program to make it special.

Do you know a SummitCorps participant? (Give ‘em a shout out!) Have you ever built trail? Did you participate in ArrowCorps 5? Let us know about it in the comments.

Patrol Z reporter Connor is an Eagle Scout with 6 palms from New York. Stay tuned for more updates from Connor and Patrol Z reporters from across the country.


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