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#2017Jambo: the most connected Jamboree ever

You’re on a “need to know” basis – and you need to know!

During an event as complex as the National Scout Jamboree, it is essential that staff, participants and leaders have access to the most timely information. In 2017, a new team has been established to focus specifically on the communication on-site at the Jamboree, and the plans in motion promise to make this the most connected Jamboree ever.

All participant-facing communications will be built around the #2017Jambo identity: social media accounts, a website, and new email newsletters. The most recent Staff Update premiered the new format for email communications, and in the coming months a participant-facing web presence and social media accounts will begin appearing in news feeds.

The needs of people on-site at the Jamboree are unique. News such as schedule updates, special guest arrivals, open or closed program areas and health and safety advisories need to be communicated urgently. An especially exciting improvement for 2017 will be the ability for participants to get real-time wait times for each of the Adventure areas, which will reduce lines.

After the 2013 Jamboree, charging capacity was identified as a major improvement for the next event. 2017 will have more than double the number of charging stations, so it will be easier to keep phones juiced. There are a few additional, systematic improvements designed to help conserve phone charges and afford maximum connectivity.

Each day, two major waves of communication will be released. Prior to breakfast, all leaders and staff will receive a daily update. This emailed newsletter will include schedule changes, major events for the day, and highlight the best opportunities for the day. In the early afternoon, participants, staff and leaders alike will be invited to participate in a daily social media Thunderclap. This Jamboree-wide activity will invite everyone to connect at once, allowing a single opportunity to receive crucial information, engage with friends, and share their experiences.

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