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National Jamboree | A Scout Parent’s Perspective [Video]

From not burning your dinner to becoming a person of high character, Scouting prepares you for life. Need a boost in those skills? Attend a jamboree – it’s where Scouts and Venturers get to experience everything Scouting is along with 40,000 peers from all points across America. But hey, we understand if you wanna hear about it firsthand. You can listen in on some of the jamboree goodness — just check out the video up at the top.

Think that sounds pretty sweet? Join in. You’ve got a chance to attend the largest gathering of Scouts at next year’s jamboree!

Shape your skills. Refine your character. All this (and so much more!) coming your way at the 2013 National Jamboree. Get registered; we’ll see you there!

Have you attended a national jamboree? What did you like best about it? Tell us in the comments below.

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