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Does Your Unit Participate in OA? If Not, We Want to Hear From You!

Are you a Scoutmaster or leader of a unit that does not participate in the Order of the Arrow? If so, the OA would like to hear from you!

On Tuesday, July 25 at 1PM, the OA will host an open forum for leaders whose units do not participate in the OA program. The forum will take place at the OA headquarters tents, which are at the intersection of Foxtrot Road and Echo Pass.

This open forum will be hosted by members of the national Order of the Arrow committee, and provide a chance for leaders to give direct feedback on how the OA program should be improved to better serve units. The forum is open to both staff and leaders.

The OA is currently in the process of developing new resources for lodges and local program enhancements. Input from unit leaders will inform these developments, and be helpful to ensure the OA more effectively serves units.

Please contact with any questions.

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