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Packing For Jamboree, Venturing Style

What is Patrol Z?Hey fellow Scouts! With Jamboree just around the corner, I am sure you all are getting anxious to start packing. I know I am! We covered packing when the jamboree duffel was unveiled, but it’s always good to refresh.

To help you out, here is a short list of essential items to include when packing for Jamboree:


Make sure you have at least two full uniforms, including your shirts, pants, and shorts! You also need a pair of long pants, broken-in hiking boots, lace up shoes, some simple rain gear, a scout hat or two, a jacket or sweatshirt, a couple pairs of pajamas, underwear, four or five scout t-shirts, and plenty of socks.

Personal Gear

You need a sleeping bag, preferably one that is lightweight and can be folded up really small, an eating kit, at least two one-liter water bottles, a couple of towels, a flashlight, insect repellent, and, one of the most important things, sunscreen! Also make sure you have all of your toiletry items.

Optional (but recommended!)

Bring your swimsuit! Especially if you are doing any water activities. Water shoes are also important unless you are planning on getting your tennis shoes soaked! Sunglasses, cameras, trading patches, and smartphones are all ideal options to bring too!

Remember when you are packing that everything must fit in the bag provided to you, so only bring what is necessary. Ladies, that does not mean bring all your makeup, hair products, etc., and guys there is no need to bring your video games. Looking forward to seeing you all at Jamboree!

What are your must-pack items for jamboree?

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