The Polaris® ATV Experience

The Polaris ATV Experience Overview

This is 60+ miles with four days of travel on ATVs. Trails will include a mixture of singletrack, Doubletrack and a small amount of gravel. The trails are easy to intermediate in difficulty with some optional difficult mud holes. Stops along the way include epic vistas, exciting side programs and natural STEM education moments. Everyone will especially love the Thursday afternoon mud hole training. We’ll intentionally get as stuck as possible in the biggest mud holes we can find. Then get ourselves out using ATV techniques, z-drag systems, and winches.

Program Details

Rugged exploration has long been a deeply entrenched tradition in West Virginia and from that, the ATV has developed as an important West Virginia tool for both work and recreation. While ATVs may seem like a simple vehicle to operate, they require significant skill and stamina to operate safely. This course brings back that feeling of rugged exploration while teaching you to safely drive an ATV through the wilderness.

On top of safe operation, you will also learn basic mechanic skills to keep your ATV running on the trail and get hands-on practice with techniques to get through various terrain and conquering obstacles. This is 50+ miles of ATV travel from one beautiful location to the next all while stopping at vistas, natural landmarks and teachable moments. Trails will generally be easy to intermediate in difficulty and include a mixture of technical features, wide open sections and lots of mud. We invite you to come enjoy an ATV experience through the back-woods terrain of the Summit Bechtel Reserve.


Registered Scouts BSA and Venturers who are at least 14 years old; and their registered leaders. *Minimum weight of 115 lbs. See the program guide for additional restrictions and information.

Skill Level

Participants need no prior ATV experience, just a readiness to get dirty and push their limits. Trail riding an ATV requires moving your body around over the machine and can be significantly more exhausting than new riders expect