The Marksman Experience

The Marksman Experience Overview

We are kicking this program back in action for the 2021 season and have some incredible things planned. The program itself is comprised of 4 jam packed days of shooting. You and your group will shoot: 5 stand shotgun, Sporting Clays, .22 pistol, 9mm pistol .22 rifle, .223 rifle, .308 rifle, and .224 Valkyrie on our 1000 yard gun range. 

Archery programs will be in the mix as well with Static archery, Olympic Archery, 3D, Sporting Arrows, and crossbow to name just a few. You’ll be instructed by top notch shooting professionals in a crawl, walk, run mentality. This program is designed for new shooters and seasoned shooters alike and I can guarantee that you’ll leave a more confidant, educated, and talented shooter. 

Camping will take place on the ranges and all meals will be out in the field. Your food will be the same thing the folks at the bottom of the mountain are having with the exception of our cook out day when instructors will grill hotdogs, hamburgers, etc for the participants. Think 4th of July style meal on the ranges. The program wraps up with a trip down our ¾ mile big zip and some awesome white water rafting in the New River Gorge. 

Program Details

The Marksman program provides a depth of shooting knowledge and experience for even the most advanced participants. This program includes three days focused on marksmanship fundamentals while providing an environment to push participants beyond their normal comfort zones. Our three day intensive shooting program includes: high powered rifles (.223 and .308), shotgun (12g trap and sporting clays), pistol (Sig .22 and 9mm), static & long range archery, LaPorte Archery (Sporting Arrows) and 3D target simulation.

Spend three days and two nights on “A” Ridge with the shooting staff and leave with the best training the Boy Scouts of America has to offer. Finish your week with a ride on the Big Zip.


Shooting Range


Venturing members who are at least 14 years old; and their registered leaders.

Skill Level

Participants should have a basic understanding of Shooting Sports activities. Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting and Archery merit badges are recommended, but not required. 

Our Brands

Sig Sauer | Remington | Glock | FNH USA |Ruger | Mathews | LaPorte | Morrell | Other reputable brands