Council Adventure Partnership

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What is the Council Adventure Partnership?

The Council Adventure Partnership provides opportunities for local council camps to use venues at the Summit Bechtel Reserve to serve older youth attending their council summer camps. Participants attend the local council camp with their home troop or crew. Then, the local council camp forms a provisional group that travels to the Summit to spend several days in adventure activities before returning to the local council camp to finish out the week with their home troop or crew. This program is only available through a local council located within a reasonable driving distance of the Summit Bechtel Reserve and for the following dates while the James C. Justice Scout Camp is operating.

For the most up-to-date registration info, check out our registration page. 

This webpage is just a brief overview of information. For full details be sure to download read through the Leaders’ Guide and check out the schedules, packing lists & other documents on the sidebar (or near the bottom if you’re on a mobile device)!

Please check with your local council to determine availability in your area. Local councils desiring to participate should contact the Summit Bechtel Reserve directly at 304-465-2800 and ask for the National Scout Camp Director for more information.12 

For more info on Scout Camp Program Specifics, head back over to the Scout Camp Page!