James C. JusticeNational Scout Camp

2020 Leader Meeting Webinars

Webinar 1 – March 5, 2020 at 7pm Eastern

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Webinar 2 – April 2, 2020 at 7pm Eastern

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Webinars will use Zoom Conference software. We suggest logging in and following prompts early to set up and get acquainted with the software.

2020 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do we sign up for whitewater programs? Whitewater programs need to be signed up for in the registration system on the participant roster for an additional fee. Registrations for whitewater are closed two-weeks prior to arrival so that we can reserve the spots through our outfitters. Reservations for whitewater will not be accepted on-site. Please make sure you have appropriate leadership on-site and off if your unit is taking part in whitewater.
  2. I’m having trouble making my deposit or having other issues with the registration system. Who can I contact? Please send an email to summit.program@scouting.org or call 304-465-2800 and ask for the registration team (Cristi and Camela).
  3. Can we swap out adults through the week? Yes, you can. Please send us a note to summit.program@scouting.org and let us know during check-in. Be sure to bring all of the paperwork for any leaders who are coming later in the week when the unit checks in.
  4. How does splitting between the Christen High Adventure Base and Justice Scout Camp Work? One unit may split participants between the Justice Scout Camp and Christen High Adventure Base. To do this a unit must make registrations for both programs and meet a minimum of 2 adults and 5 youth overall (Christen High Adventure Base fees will apply). At least two adult leaders must be registered in the Scout Camp to maintain two-deep leadership required by BSA Youth Protection policies. The unit will camp together in the Justice Scout Camp. Any youth/adults taking part in the high adventure base will head to the dining hall for early breakfast and then be under the supervision of High Adventure Program Guides.
  5. Are ATV programs available? Not at this time for the Justice Scout Camp. We are exploring this as an opportunity for the future. Be sure to check out our week-long Polaris ATV trek in the Christen High Adventure Base though!
  6. What is the uniform policy? Field uniforms are highly recommended for arrival, religious services, opening/closing flag ceremonies and campfires. No uniform is required throughout the week due to the nature of our activities. All clothing should be modest and Scout appropriate.
  7. Do we need to bring our own tents? Camping equipment is included in the participant fee and includes: tents, cots, dining flies, picnic tables, and above-ground fire ring.
  8. Does the Justice Scout Camp have programs for older Scouts? Most definitely. We have a lot of program opportunities for Scouts and Venturers no longer seeking advancement: survival challenge, zip-lines and canopy tours, skateboarding, BMX, whitewater, project COPE, and open program in all of our other venues depending on their interest. You could also explore signing them up for a dual registration in the Christen High Adventure Base located on the same property.
  9. Does the Justice Scout Camp have programs for younger Scouts? We’ve got you there as well! Our Brownsea Island Beginner Camper Program teaches requirements for ranks through 1st class, while introducing participants to the various program venues at the Summit under guidance of an experienced staff member. In this program our primary goal is for the Scout to have fun and want to come back to camp for many years!
  10. If a Scout is out at the shooting range all day, how can they make the long walk to lunch and back without missing program? If your Scout is spending a full day out at the ranges have them let the area director know when they get there and we’ll arrange to have their lunch delivered along with the staff’s.
  11. Where is the camping area and how are campsites assigned? All Justice Scout Camp Participants will be camped in Sub camp D, on the northwest shore of Goodrich Lake. This area is adjacent to the Pigott HQ building and equidistant from our shooting ranges and dining hall. Campsites are assigned by our Base Camp Manager based on unit size and gender makeup.
  12. How are accommodations made for medical needs like CPAPs? Please note any needs on the participant roster in the registration system and we would do our best to accommodate. Battery powered CPAPs are recommended; if this is not an option we will camp the participant adjacent to a power source.
  13. Is hammock camping allowed? Hammock camping is allowed, but may be difficult due to the layout of camping areas (fields with the only trees surrounding the sites). Please pad all straps to protect trees from damage and follow all BSA policies as it pertains to hammocks.
  14. Where do we find drinking water? There is an abundance of hydration stations located all around the property as well as the back of each shower house. Be sure to bring a water bottle. If it comes out warm, let it run for a minute and it will cool off.
  15. What is the dining experience like? This summer we will be operating out of a temporary dining facility while construction on our new dining hall finished up. We have open hours and allow participants to come and go at each meal at their own pace. These times are noted on the events schedule.
  16. Do units pitch their own tents? Yes. The staff will set up your dining fly, but your unit should be prepared to set up tents and cots in whatever formation works best for you.
  17.  How are the whitewater programs scheduled? Both the full day whitewater merit badge and 1/2 day whitewater rafting trip take place on Fridays so as not to interfere with most merit badge classes. They will meet at the whitewater check-in tent at 8am.
  18. Are there female Scouts BSA units registered this summer? Yes, there are. We have been hosting female groups at the Summit since the day we opened including Venturers, Girl Scouts, JROTC, and many others. We are excited to welcome our new female units!
  19. Can adults take part in any of the activities? Yes they can assuming they meet any physical requirements and are cleared by the medical team. Leaders should know their own limitations when it comes to endurance and flexibility, particularly when it comes to wheeled sports and long hikes. In addition to the adventure activities we also have training, advancement, and fellowship opportunities for adults.
  20. Do you perform an Order of the Arrow Call Out Ceremony? We do not at this time, for two reasons: 1. We have so many different councils and lodges represented that we would need to coordinate with and get permission from in order to perform the ceremony. 2. Our OA staff lives mostly off-site operating the OA Summit Experience (one of the OA High Adventure opportunities) which provides service to the New River Gorge National River. We can organize an order of the arrow fellowship during your stay if this is something you are interested in.
  21. Where do we arrive first: campsite or welcome center? You will head to the J.W. & Hazel Ruby West Virginia Welcome Center first. There you will turn in paperwork, have medical rechecks, meet a member of the commissioner staff and receive your schedules, maps, and wristbands. There are bathrooms, exhibits, and a gift store at this facility. From there you will be directed to your campsite in the Justice Scout Camp on the property.
  22. Is there a camp store? Yes, we will have multiple retail locations at Pigott HQ, Gateway Village, and the Ruby Welcome Center.
  23. What do wait times look like? Most programs will have no wait time at all during our summer operation. The program that is most likely to have a wait because of popularity, are the canopy tours. If necessary the staff will use a reservation system to make the most efficient use of participants time at this venue. Check in here early if you want to ensure you can experience this program.
  24. Will there be a place to park buses or trailers? Yes, there is a large gravel lot adjacent to the main camping area where these can be parked. If this fills up, there is another large lot just across Delta pass.
  25. What kind of patches are provided? There is a Justice Scout Camp patch which consists of the Summit Bear Paw Logo over a green background. Each participant will receive one of these patches at the end of the week. The Justice Scout Camp does not count as a national high adventure program eligible for the Triple Crown/Grand Slam award.
  26. Is there a patrol cooking (cooking in the campsite) option for one or multiple days? We do not currently have the facilities to provide a patrol cooking experience, but are looking into this for the future. Units are welcome to bring their own food to cook in the campsite if they desire as long as there is proper storage of food and flammables. Dutch ovens and some cooking utensils are available from the quartermaster.
  27. Do we offer BSA Lifeguard certification or re-certification? We do not have this scheduled. If you have older youth or adults interested, have them contact the aquatics director on arrival day and see if this is a possibility. We will do our best to accommodate if time allows. This goes for many other types of training as well.

Have other questions about the Justice Scout Camp? Send them to the Director of Outdoor Adventures at matthew.reineck@scouting.org. Other questions can be directed to summit.program@scouting.org.