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2024 Leader Meeting Webinars

Please e-mail Scout Camp Director Johnny Tracy, at john.tracy@scouting.org, if you did not receive access or if you would like to receive access information.

2024 Webinar 1 - January 30, 2024

2024 Webinar 2 - February 27, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

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All units will enter the Summit Bechtel Reserve through the North Gate entrance (2550 Jack Furst Drive, Glen Jean, WV 25846). With the assistance of signage and staff, unit vehicles will navigate to and check in at the Pigott Headquarters building. Unit leaders will present the requisite paperwork to the registration team and present copies of the Annual Health and Medical Records for everyone in the unit to the health and safety team for review. Restrooms, the trading post, and the Summit Snack Shack are all located near the check-in area. The unit guide will take the unit to their campsite after check-in is completed.

Yes, there is ample parking in Delta Base Camp, the home of the James C. Justice National Scout Camp. Trailers and the vehicles to which they are attached can be parked in the unit campsite. If a unit does not bring a trailer to camp, one vehicle may be kept in the campsite. All other vehicles can be parked in convenient and easily-accessible lots in Delta Base Camp.

Please send an e-mail to summit.program@scouting.org or call 304-465-2800 and ask for the registration team. For assistance with Black Pug, the individual merit badge and program registration platform, please contact Camp Director Johnny Tracy, at Johnny.Tracy@scouting.org or call 901-489-6027.

There are two whitewater programs available to participants in the James C. Justice National Scout Camp; both programs take place on the New River. A half-day whitewater rafting trip is available to participants every morning and afternoon during each session of camp. A full-day Whitewater merit badge program is available from Monday through Thursday. Registration for these programs must be made on the Black Pug platform. No changes (including additions or refunds) can be made to registrations beginning one week prior to a camp session. Adult supervision is needed for all whitewater programs.

Units may choose to split participants between the Justice National Scout Camp and Summit Experience programs. Registrations for both programs must be made separately and proper adult leadership—at least two adults per reservation—must be in place for both groups. Unit leaders should contact Camp Director Johnny Tracy, at Johnny.Tracy@scouting.org or 901-489-6027, to discuss arrangements.

The Summit leadership do not recommend that units with groups in both programs camp together, as this arrangement presents numerous logistical and programmatic challenges. While the Summit staff will do everything possible to support the arrangement, the unit groups are likely to encounter difficulties.

The Justice National Scout Camp does not presently offer ATV programs, though there may be opportunities in the future. Make sure to check out the Polaris ATV Experience, a trek program offered in the Christen High Adventure Base for an incredible ATV opportunity!

Field uniforms (often referred to as “Class A” uniforms) are required at the opening (Sunday) and closing (Friday) campfire programs, at the religious program (Monday evening), and at evening flag ceremonies (daily). The field uniform is not required for any other program, and Scouts and leaders are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing for outdoor activities. All clothing should be Scouting-appropriate.

Tents are provided only by reservation, which can be made in the Event Management System (the registration platform through which initial registration is placed and payments are made); there is a small per-person fee to reserve Summit dome tents. Other camping equipment is provided, including cots (for all participants), ten-foot-by-twenty-foot dining canopies, picnic tables, and fire rings. Units are encouraged to bring other gear that will enhance the camp experience.

Justice National Scout Camp participants are camped in various areas around the Delta Base Camp. This area is near the Pigott Headquarters building, the Pigott Dining Hall, the Bunker (the trading post), and most of the Scout Camp program areas. Campsites are assigned by the Camp Director, and requests can be made for camping arrangements in Black Pug, the online merit badge and program registration platform.

Hammock camping is allowed, but may be difficult due to the layout of camping areas (fields with the only trees surrounding the sites). Please pad all straps to protect trees from damage and follow all BSA policies as it pertains to hammocks.

Please note any medical needs in the Event Management System or contact Camp Director Johnny Tracy, at Johnny.Tracy@scouting.org or 901-489-6027.


For CPAP machines specifically, battery-powered devices are recommended, though power is accessible near most of the camping areas. Participants who use a CPAP machine should come prepared with an extension cord (a fifty-foot or longer cord is recommended).

Absolutely! While the focus of the Justice National Scout Camp program is advancement (rank work and merit badge completion), there are numerous adventure opportunities for older Scouts, including zipline rides and canopy tours, skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, Project C.O.P.E., among others. Some of these programs are available at no additional cost, and some are available as buy-up programs.

Of course! For first-year Scouts, the Brownsea Island program provides engaging instruction for the Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class rank requirements. The Brownsea Island program also includes the First Aid and Swimming merit badges.

Scouts of all ages can enjoy the dozens of program offerings, including rank advancement, merit badges, high-adventure experiences, and many other camp-wide activities and events!

There are numerous Camelbak Hydration Stations around the Scott Summit Center, the main program area of the Summit Bechtel Reserve, of which the Justice National Scout Camp is a part. Make sure to bring a water bottle (but if you forget it, visit the trading post) and stay hydrated!

Yes, they can, assuming they meet any physical requirements and are cleared by the medical team. Leaders should know their own limitations when it comes to endurance and flexibility for any activity. In addition to the adventure activities, the Justice National Scout Camp also offers training, advancement, and fellowship opportunities for adults. Refer to the Program Schedule for a full listing of the opportunities available for adults.

Yes! Each Friday evening, immediately following the closing campfire, the staff of the Justice National Scout Camp conduct an Order of the Arrow calling-out ceremony to recognize those Scouts and Scouters who have been elected or selected for Order of the Arrow membership in a unit election (please note that unit elections cannot be conducted by Summit staff members).


All units with individuals who have elected (Scouts) or selected (Scouters) participants to be called out for Order of the Arrow induction must present a letter (hardcopy or e-mail) from the local lodge confirming the election or selection of the participants to be called out. Without this confirmation from the local lodge, the elected or selected individuals will not be called out. Letters can be brought to camp or sent in advance to Camp Director Johnny Tracy, at Johnny.Tracy@scouting.org.

Yes, there are two trading posts at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. The primary trading post, the Bunker, is located in the Pigott Headquarters building, in the heart of Justice National Scout Camp, and offers a variety of souvenirs, equipment, and snacks. There is a smaller trading post in the Scott Visitor Center, located near the Rex W. Tillerson Leadership Center and Action Point. Visit www.store.summitbsa.org/ to shop today!

Participation in the Justice National Scout Camp does not count for the Triple Crown or Grand Slam of National High Adventure Award. Participation in any of the five (as of 2024) high-adventure experiences does qualify for these awards. Scouts and Scouters interested in this award can learn more by visiting www.nationalhighadventureawards.org/.

While Justice National Scout Camp does not provide any options for patrol cooking, units are welcome to bring their own food and equipment to cook in the campsite if they desire. Unit leadership must make plans to properly store food items and flammable cooking fuels.