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Staff Bash at Basecamp Echo

Tonight will see the first of many Basecamp Bashes that will take place throughout the Jamboree, but this one will be different — it’s a “thank you” to the staff.

The Staff Bash runs from 7:45 to 9:45 p.m. next to Echo Lake in Base Camp Echo. Featuring music from the Nathan Angelo band, there will also be exciting lawn games before and during the two-hour show, and a well-deserved ice cream treat right afterwards.

“It’s a big ‘thank you’ from the Jamboree directors and management. It’s dedicated to all the hard-working staff for the service they are about to provide,” said David Laabs, the stadium special events team leader from the Great Lakes Field Service Council.

“Make sure you bring your lawn chair,” he said.

The Staff Bash entertainment is sponsored by the Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff Association, and it is just one of the many ways in which the Staff Association supports all the Summit and Jamboree staff throughout the year. The Staff Association can be found in the Chat ‘n’ Chew, also located in Basecamp E.

Laabs said this Basecamp Bash also plays an important role for the Bash staff as a dry run for the other five Bashes later in the Jamboree. It allows the staff to work out all the kinks before the participants arrive to ensure that the other Bashes run flawlessly.

Be sure that you don’t miss this special event to celebrate the hard work all the staff has put into making this Jamboree great!

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