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Summit Core Values: Spotlight On Adventure

As you may already know, The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve, or just SBR for short, is guided by four core values: leadership, training, sustainability and adventure. Scouting itself is an adventure of many kinds, not just physical. The mental, emotional and even spiritual challenges to achieve all that Scouting offers are an adventure of growth, character and, let’s face it, down right fun.

With Scouting magazine celebrating High Adventure Week, this is the perfect time for digging into the adventures at the SBR.

Back in August, Scouting magazine reported that the Summit officially became a qualifying high-adventure experience for Scouts and Venturers seeking to earn the Triple Crown of National High Adventure award. Additionally, the Grand Slam of National High Adventure award was created for those adventurous Scouts who experience Philmont, Northern Tier, Florida Sea Base, and the Summit.

But what, exactly, is “high adventure”? Well, depending on which base you attend, it varies.

At the Summit, you’ll find the Paul R. Christen High Adventure Base where Scouts can participate in 11 separate courses.

Six focused programs key in on a single area of adventure, such as rock climbing or skateboarding and concentrate on the development of skills in that area. These programs are tailored to a Scout’s ability and interest, while also allowing for plenty of time to experience elective adventures like the Big Zip. Also, Scouts may choose three electives to try other activities in addition to their main focus.

Four advanced programs provide opportunities for older Scouts to reach advanced skill levels in a seven-day high-adventure experience such as kayaking or even adventure photography.

That leaves one program, the Summit Experience, which is a way for Scouts to try all nine of the Summit’s activity venues in one visit for the ultimate SBR experience. So there really is something for every kind of interest and Scout.

Be sure to check out Scouting magazine’s great articles on the Summit, as well as all the other BSA national high-adventure bases—Philmont, Sea Base and Northern Tier— as part of High Adventure Week.

Learn more here about all the high-adventure programs and opportunities available next summer at the Summit. See you then!

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